“UK banks and lenders have set aside
£5.5bn for PPI claims, if you have any
kind of borrowing make sure you receive your share”

PPI or Payment Protection Insurance has been mis sold to around 20 million people in the UK by banks, lenders and insurers who have included unfair or hidden policies in loans to cash in on expensive premiums.

If you live in the UK and have a current borrowing or have paid off a loan of any kind in the last six years then there’s a very good chance you’ve been affected by mis sold PPI and are owed a refund. At the end of April the banks and lenders who sold PPI were told by the High Court that they have to pay out compensation to all the customers they mis sold PPI to. The banks then took a month to mull over the decision before they all agreed that they WOULD PAYOUT REFUNDS and set aside just over £30.5bn to do so.

This is what turned PPI claims from a few people into a full on PPI compensation scheme, open to all people with a loan.

The banks and lenders are now simply waiting for you claim to be made, they’ve collectively hired 6000 staff and rented extra office space JUST SO PPI CLAIMS CAN BE HANDLED, that’s how many claims they expect. All you have to do is pick up the phone and see if you’re eligible for a PPI refund. If you’re ready to do that, then call our team on , it’s completely free to call and claim and if you just want some more information that’s fine because there’s NO OBLIGATION WHATSOEVER.

How likely is it that you have a mis sold policy?

Over 1.5 million financial consumers in the UK have already made a PPI claim and over £20 billion has been paid out as a result. When you consider that there are potentially over 20 million mis sold PPI policies and £30bn in a pot waiting to be claimed, you can see why your loans could be hiding a cash windfall ready to be collected.

But get this, one bank is paying out full refunds on policies PLUS 8% interest to all PPI policy holders, whether they’ve been mis sold or not, if you have or had a policy – you WILL get a refund, guaranteed.

This bank is Barclays and other lenders are soon to follow suit. All of the major high street banks have set aside cash to refund PPI policy holders:

Lloyds Banking Group, (and Halifax) put aside £13.9bn

Barclays – £6bn

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS – Natwest) – £4.3bn

HSBC – £2.6bn

Santander – £1.5bn

They know they’ve been busted for selling over-priced, inappropriate, useless, worthless insurance to their loyal customers for years and now they’ve been caught out, they’re stumping up the cash. They wouldn’t have done it if they hadn’t been found out and brought to justice by campaigners and watchdogs, so make sure all their hard work wasn’t for nothing – get your payout from the £30.5bn or just let the bank keep it – your choice.

How to claim your PPI refund

  1. You call us and let us know about your loans and we’ll help you find out if you have any mis sold PPI policies, it doesn’t matter if you fill in the form above, we’ll still call you back to discuss your situation.
  2. We’ll send you out a form to let us know the details of your borrowings.
  3. Next, if you don’t have the paperwork for the loan, we’ll send off for it, pay the fee and deal with your lender so that you don’t have to.
  4. Once the paperwork’s back we’ll have our lawyers inspect it and let you know whether you have a claim, then and only if you’re happy to do so, we’ll take on your case and start the process for your refund.

It really is that simple, there’s no jiggery pokery and we honestly do want to get you as much of a refund as is possible. If you want to start your claim now, simply call us on .

Small Enough To Care, Big Enough To Win You A Maximum PPI Claim Payout, Cheesy But True!

We know there are a lot of ‘PPI Claims Specialists’ out there, big players that advertise on TV and lots of local companies, so why should you use us instead of them? Here’s what we think:

– We’re a small team of 27, which means you WILL speak to the same person each time about your claim (unless they’re ill or on a training day). The adviser you first speak to about your situation will be your sole point of contact for information and updates, there’ll be no foreign call centre, no ‘notes missing on your file’ and you’ll only need to explain things once.

– We work with specialist solicitors meaning you will more than likely be represented by a local PPI claims specialist. This makes sure that your claim is handled by someone who knows the procedure, avoids the classic delays and gets your payout as efficiently as possible.

– As well as the service, there’s the payout – our focus on every case we handle is to make sure you get the highest refund possible. We’re not about getting claims through the door, processed and done, we want to make sure you get every penny you’re entitled to, so when the lender comes back with the usual low offer, you can be sure that we won’t be settling for it.

We’ve recently handled bank transfers to customers of £19,401.01 and £32,799.63 for PPI refunds from Abbey National and MBNA respectively, imagine that read out on the ATM machine! To find out if you can seek a PPI refund, call us on today and we’ll let you know if you have a PPI claim, remember: there’s no obligation, no sales talk and no commitment required, just a few details and 5 minutes of your time.